Build React Native Apps Faster for iOS, Android, and Web!

Empower your app development with Blitz: Seamlessly test across iOS, Android, and Web platforms.
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  • No longer waste 1 to 2 months setting up your application! With Blitz, it's done in a matter of minutes.
  • Say goodbye to the troubles of React Native compatibility. Our components solve these issues for you.
  • Comprehensive documentation for all your React Native questions: icons, debugging, keyboard management, and much more.
  • Built-in security with ESLint, unit tests, and E2E tests, all orchestrated by GitHub Actions.
  • Top selected libraries for worry-free long-term development.
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Multiple Platforms

Craft your app once for all platforms - iOS, Android, and Web. Our responsive LayoutManager lets you tailor each screen to any device - phones, tablets, and desktops.

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Components List

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Comprehensive Documentation: Access an extensive resource covering diverse aspects, including app creation, font and asset customization, icon integration, keyboard management, translations, updates, debugging, testing, smooth production release, and much more.

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Safety First

Ensure Application Security: Our robust security measures include comprehensive ESLint rules, Husky error prevention, unit testing across components, Maestro for end-to-end tests, a PR template, and GitHub Action integration for continuous security checks.


Simple, Fast and





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And Even More Soon

  • Efficient Design: Lightning-speed design with the Figma Design System
  • Expanded Package Support: Soon, npm and pnpm support alongside Yarn
  • Web E2E Testing: Playwright for comprehensive web end-to-end testing
  • Rich Native Components: Access a wide range of native elements - calendars, pickers, toasts, action sheets, and widgets
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Large Component List

You have access to an extensive library of components that can be completely customized to incorporate your own styles and properties.

Furthermore, you can experiment with these components directly in this environment: iOS, Android, and Web


2.Text3.Button4.TextInput5.Avatar6.Card7.Badge8.Switch9.Checkbox10.Radio11.BottomModal12.Header13.Skeleton/Loader14.Empty State15.Error State16.State Manager: (for effectively handling scenarios like errors, loading, success, and emptiness)17.Layout Manager: (to dynamically manage diverse application layouts)

Best Librairies

Experience the pinnacle of development with our meticulously chosen libraries, ensuring top-tier performance and functionality in our boilerplate.

Expo Bare: Expands Expo apps to include native capabilities while keeping some Expo advantages.
2.Expo Router: Provides routing tools for navigation in React Native Expo apps.3.React Query: Handles data fetching, caching, and syncing.4.React Native Reanimated: Powers high-performance UI animations.5.React Native Testing Library: Facilitates user interaction-based component testing.6.React Native Avoid Soft Input: Automates layout adjustments when the keyboard is displayed.7.Gorhom Bottom Sheet: For the ModalBottom component.8.React Native MMKV: Utilizes lightweight, fast MMKV for data storage.9.Shopify FlashList: Better Flatlist.10.Expo Font: Simplifies custom font usage.11.Expo Image12.i18n: Library for localization and translation in various languages.

Simple, Fast and Timesaving

Slash up to 2 months off development time by building your app in under 5 minutes, unlocking countless time savings in the long run.


Basic template for authentification with protected routes and Login and Register empty screens.

i18n Typescript

Translate your app with i18n and enjoy the power of Typescript with autocomplete and type checking for your i18n keys.

Path Aliases

Use path aliases to import your components and screens with ease. No more "../../../../" in your imports.


Customize your app with a theme file. You can change colors, font sizes, font families, spacings, and more.